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Welcome To
Alam El Fonoun Electronic Pages


We would like to warmly welcome you to the First Arabic Pages on the Internet, Alam El Fonoun. We hope that you enjoy your trip on our site. We aim to provide our visitors with the interesting articles in all fields of arts all over the world.


This site was designed to be best viewed at a 800 x 600 pixels


How To View Our Arabic Pages

Arabic pages in this site are presented as text, not images as in other Arabic sites on the Internet, allowing for a much faster download of our site. In order to view them, you need to browse the pages using the right setting for your system and browser.

You have two options to choose from in order to view our Arabic site. Please select the option that best suits you :

Set Up Your Monitor To An 800 x 600 pixels

1. From your Desktop Screen, click the Right mouse button.
2. Select
Properties from the menu, then click the Left mouse button.
3. From the
Display Properties menu, click on Settings.
4. Move the lever to
800 by 600 pixels from Desktop area.
5. Click
OK to save your resolution display settings.


By Downloading IE4 Arabic version Browse

Otherwise, if you have NOT using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 - Arabic Version browser. You can download it from Microsoft Site for free by click on the next buttom.


If you have any questions, comments or technical difficulties viewing our website....please do not hesitate to send us E-Mail at :